ORZ Corp and ORZ GmbH - Your Partner in European Sales and Parts Distribution 

Don't Talk the Talk - Walk the Walk!


It's good that you found us! We offer you and your company a perfect way to place your products on the European market without customs and shipping stress including professional planning, reliable implementation, and continuous support. You are well looked after by us. We enable a professional trading structure and seamlessly integrate your products into our existing dealer network.


But that is not everything - we offer much more than just trading and a base in Europe.

US based office in California for fast and reliable communication!

We move more than 50 tons of goods a year per air freight to Europe!

We send more than 12 containers per year to Europe

Quick and secure payments in both directions! 

We are real partners with you. You are more than just a number in a database!

Large EU network with hundreds of custom shops, garages, and dealerships!

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